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The Mission


The mission of the Gant School of Music and Jazz is to serve as an avenue for all students of the community to gain a place in the world of music by providing access to high quality music education and programming. 

The Vision


To impact the community by providing access to quality music instruction, experience, and musicianship. 

The Future

At GMAJ, the goal is

to make an impact by changing the trajectory

of children's lives through music and music education.  We are excited about what lies on the horizon.  Forging partnerships with more organizations to bring us closer to reaching our benchmarks of success.  Helping others as was once done for us.

GMAJ Founder

Titus Gant 

Executive Director


The Gant School of Music and Jazz,  is a 501c3 organization created to help underserved students gain access to the world of music and musicianship. Titus' vision for the non-profit directly stems from his own experiences as a student. 


"I struggled with the small things that other musicians didn't think twice about. I just couldn't afford it.  The other side of this is the exposure to various genres of music.  I just didn't know so much. Being in a position to help others who need the materials and environment to put it to use is paramount. Every child should have access to a quality instrument and music instruction regardless of their parent's bank account. No matter where they come from, if the right mindset meets the right resources, dreams are possible."  

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