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This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources and by ArtsGreensboro, a division of the Designated County Partner, with funding from the North Carolina Arts Council.

The GMAJ Private Lessons Scholarship is a program that allows students between ages 8 and 18 whose family's are under financial difficulty to acquire financial assistance for the purpose of private lessons. Students that attend GMAJ or any partnering organization or agency may apply to receive up to a full sponsorship as allowed by the program.

Recipients can receive on-site or remote lessons through one of our studio partners

Lesson Scholaships
Instrument Scholarships
Disassembled Clarinet

Instrument Scholarship

GMAJ Instrument Scholarship seeks to put instruments in the hands of a deserving young musician. As a core aspect of our mission is to make musicianship more accessible we, in cooperation with our donors, have begun our Instrument Scholarship program.  We want to make sure that the recipients use them to pursue their goals as musicians.  

Piano Practice


The Gant School of Music & Jazz provides music lessons for all band and orchestra instruments for students ages 8-18. Lessons are provided weekly in 30 and 60-minute increments with an experienced, qualified musician. Each student is provided one-on-one support to reach their musical potential.

Violin Player
Private Lessons
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